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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 2, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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at 11:00, it is not the outcome prison official hoped for. police move in and news conference just getting started on what happened next and what was found in the prison. >> your faith and prayers have sustained me and inspired me through some very, very tough times. >> president trump thanking the american people at this morning's national prayer break fast and also offered to pray for arnold schwarzenegger. >> and it is groundhog day. you probably already know what this guy predicted. what about the lesser known
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potomac phil? >> potomac phil -- >> don't -- >> is he real? >> he's real. hey, pal, how are you? >> i'm good. i'm doing well. not your normal pairing at 11:00. >> you have to take it today, right? >> we begin with new information on a developing story out of delaware. one of four people taken hostage at the massive prison complex is dead. >> that's right. there was a standoff with inmates at the james t. vaughn correctional center. they took over a building and took those workers hostage yesterday. after 18 hours, police ended it this morning. and in just the last half hour, prison officials say a corrections officer, steven floyd had died. >> prayers all day yesterday was that this event would end with a
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but it didn't. so today all of us mourn the family of sergeant floyd. >> the inmates told the local paper they did this because they had problems with their treatment and with president trump. floyd was the 16 year veteran of the delaware department of corrections. >> also developing, in silver spring, police just arrested a suspect for a shooting at leisure world. a woman was shot in the leg there about an hour and a half ago. it's not clear how badly she was hurt. we're working to find out what we can about the person that police arrested. >> we're also following a developing story in the district. police are scouring the area for the gunman after a deadly shooting on the d.c./maryland line. somebody fired into a car at last night -- near the corner of eastern avenue and hunt place in northeast. a man inside the vehicle was killed a
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she is expected to survive though. >> montgomery county, police are investigating another attempted robbery at the drug store in maryland. they say this morning someone tried to rob a cvs. megan mcgrath joins us live from silver spring. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, it happened again, a man with his face covered, armed with a gun went into a 24-hour pharmacy in maryland and robbed the people inside. this time, however, a little bit different, police were in the area and able to take four people into custody. there have been several very similar crimes that have happened lately in a number of different jurisdictions. investigators are now all talking to each other, trying to figure out if any of the crimes are connected. >> an early morning robbery attempt at the cvs fapharmacy. four people are taken into custody and
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suspects is this man, seen in surveillance video from another recent cvs holdup. >> it's apparent there are some similar like events in other jurisdictions, robbery detectives have been speaking to one another for the past several weeks about this trend. >> last thursday, there were three other similar crimes on the same day in montgomery county. this video was taken from a cvs robbery on arlington road, the robberies, two at cvss in bethesda and another in silver spring happened within a two and a half hour period on january 26th and several other crimes including prince george's, anne arundel and howard counties. so 17 crimes in different jurisdictions, they are comparing notes and surveillance video where they have it and still though, a lot of work ahead of th
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look for connections between these crimes. back to you. >> thank you. also in montgomery, an early morning house fire was caused by an overloaded fireplace. dozens of firefighters showed up but there's no hydrant on martinsburg road. they had to use a tanker truck to get the water in. no one was injured but the fire caused $100,000 in damage. >> time right now is 11:05. it's a great morning which could mean a chilly afternoon. here's what we can expect. >> yes, a not to bad today. we're going to stay dry, mostly cloudy skies, we're up to 46, it feels like 41 and it's a west wind. it's going to keep temperatures closer to 50 as we go through the afternoon. look at what happens after the afternoon hours, once the sunsets, look at the temperatures dropping off. overnight it's going to be cold
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outside tomorrow morning. today a decent day but we keep on going down. look what happens for the weekend. normal high is 44. today we'll stay above that but we keep dropping to below normal as we go into saturday. highs in the upper 30s, feeling more like winter this weekend. we'll talk more about that forecast and what you can expect coming up. >> thank you very much. president trump began his day speaking at the national prayer breakfast. >> he discoverussed -- also too shot at arnold schwarzenegger and rating as new host as "celebrity apprentice." >> they hired arnold schwarzenegger to take my place and we know how that turned out. the ratings went right down the tubes, it's been a total disaster and mark will never ever bet against trump again. i want to just prayor
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if we can for those ratings, okay? >> schwarzenegger immediately responded to the president suggesting they switch places and the president would return to host his former show and arnold schwarzenegger would become president. >> but we cannot sustain ineffective traditions over optimal outcomes. i'll gather information on what process should be reform and make sure we are functioning in the most productive and efficient way possible. regardless of the circumstances, shaping our country or our department, we must all remain focused on the mission at hand before us. >> newly sworn in secretary of state rex tillerson making his first address to state department employees last hour. tillerson alluded to some unspecified changes he may make to the department but he says his approach will never be quote change for the sake of change. >> one of the first issues that secretary tillerson will have to deal with is
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warning to the country on twitter, saying iran is officially on notice. over a missile test launch earlier this week. a top aide to iran's supreme leader brushed off the threat saying his country would continue to test ballistic missiles. >> i'm not going to -- i'm not going to comment on a conversation between myself and the president of the united states other than what we have said publicly and you can surely understand the reasons for that. >> meanwhile, australian prime minister be tight lipped about his conversation with president trump over the weekend. taking in under 1200 refugees from an australian detention center. a senior administration official says the conversation
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there was yelling on call. the tone of the conversation was blunt. police are saying a group offage taters turned this peaceful protest violent at the university of california berkeley. demonstrators let fire and threw rocks and fireworks in response from a talk from the ultraright website breitbart news. then this morning president trump tweeted about the post and wrote, if u.c. berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view, no federal funds? >> a word from montgomery county office of consumer protection. they want to educate consumers and businesses about certain donation boxes. the i team is working for you on the same isse. what our cameras found in businesses across the county.
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zoo. a look at what's next
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we have new video of a kidnapping suspect. the man is accused of kidnapping a georgetown student exactly one week ago. investigators say it started near 34th and o streets in
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student into his suv and forced him to withdraw cash from a.t.m. machines. a battle is brewing between congress and d.c. over the death with dignity bill. jason chaffetz says his committee will work to kill the bill. democrats admit they don't have the bill in the house. the vote passed the dv council last year. >> transportation crews around the region are working on a bold goal to eliminate all accident related deaths. >> reporter: these flowers at this intersection offer a reminder. crossing the street can be deadly if everyone isn't paying attention. these flowers are here for this woman, 49 idea rose cruz, a
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december while simply trying to cross. surveillance video of the moments before hard to watch. it's these moments that are causing transportation agencies to fight back. well, changing the safety culture of our region, sometimes it means you have to make a physical change to an actual intersection like what's happening here in alexandria. this city just adopted the vision zero initiative. zero traffic related deaths or serious injury, that is the goal of vision zero. >> we think it's important to have a bold goal and need to throw everything we can at it. >> reporter: lambert is the head of transportation services in alexandria. >> it's an acknowledge mts that roadway crashes are preventible. >> reporter: johnson guides his 2-year-old through a new pedestrian and traffic signals. >> anything they are doing to improve the safety around here, it's going to
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>> reporter: better road design one thing but everyone needs to be more aware. >> everybody seems to be on their cell phone all the time. i think if people pay more attention, it's a good thing. >> reporter: for now, alexandria, the latest city to try to make sure everyone just gets around safely, an issue they say has become a public health concern. in 2016, there we$2016, there w pedestrian death in alexandria, an increase from one death in 2015 and none in 2014. there were two in 2013. an update to a story about a prince george's county man with a rude awakening. the incident would have been a bit upsetting for anyone but not leonard miller. his house has been hit not once or twice but five times. he's lived there since 1971 and doesn't seem to be too worried about it happening again. >> who knew? i'm 88 years old and i'll be 89 in a month and a half.
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then if i live after that, then who knows. >> he is so cute. >> the house is being repaired now. miller believes the curve in the road is what is causing so many accidents. i hope somebody does something. i can't imagine his insurance is pleased every single time. >> he told pat he's going to put a bull's-eye on the side of the house. >> he talked to him yesterday, he's a fan of 4 traffic. >> a new warning about what appears to be donation boxes in stores. >> this is interesting, as scott mcfarland shows us, you need to look before you give. >> recently you might have seen these at the checkout counters, the picture of a cute kid or animal up front. the i team went looking and found them throughout the area, popping up in yogurt shops and county owned liquor store. if you read the fine print, your
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but into somebody's pocket. >> pulling you in with that photograph but what's crazy about it, the box screams charity and then whispers but it's not. >> reporter: the i team wanted to see how often people will drop change into one of these boxes so we set up our own surrounded by cameras catching every angle and people did donate. coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00, what drew people into it and why county officials are now issuing warnings about these boxes. scott mcfarlane, news 4 i team. >> african-american history and culture is celebrating its first black history month. to commemorate, they are putting on special programs and events. first event was held last night, they showed a screening of oscar nominated documentary, based on writings of james baldwin. the film screening helped to shed like on
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climate. >> on issues related to race that plagued us during 1960s and 50s and '70s when he was an act vist, still with us today. >> museum opened back in september. it could welcome its 1 millionth visitor already this month. wow. >> ollie the bobcat is back at the national zoo and undergoing a full medical exam. the female was discovered missing monday morning and returned and trapped on zoo grounds yesterday afternoon. the zoo thinks she escaped through a gap in her enclose you're netting which has been fixed. they are beyond happy that she is back. >> over the moon thrilled. when you find a member of your family or find somebody that's been missing, it kind of fills you with just joy. crazy joy. >> zoo staff say
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sightings she may have romed a mile away. >> i think she was kind of looking for a boyfriend, on the prowl. >> you think so? a boyfriend? >> couldn't find a boyfriend -- >> no, orangutan had to do the tinder thing, we did that story yesterday. >> it would be weird with an orangutan. she would need another bobbobca. i think ollie went to ollie's trolley. the workweek is wrapping up. it is friday eve. as we get ready for the weekend, a change to colder weather conditions. sheena is going to let us know how much colder it's going to get, melissa. >> i.d. theft jumped a whopping 16%, practical tips on
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an ibm super computer is getting into the tax business. h&r block is teaming up to work on identifying credits and deductions using artificial intelligence. watson has been used to find solutions in other settings. i'm morgan brennan. check it out, there's a new alert this morning about identity fraud. a leading cyber security group says i.d. theft has jumped a whop 16% in the last year. >> the credit card with chips helped cut down on fraud, crooks are finding new ways to steal. here's nbc's
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>> reporter: it happens every second of every day in america, someone's personal identity is stolen. last year six out of every 100 consumers were victimized while new chip credit cards have cut down on instore fraud, criminals have changed their strategy. >> they went from targeting the retailer in the brick and mortar stores to the sites. >> thieves stole jerry's social security number then racked up thousands in fraudulent charges. >> using my information, they attempted to open almost 30 accounts, ten of which they were successful. account takeover froud was up 61%. they hijack the information and orders new credit cards and in 2016 a 40% jump in card not present transactions with criminals using stolen credit cards to make online purchases. >> because so many people use the same user names and pass words, cyber thieves will steal
11:24 am
media site then try it on online banking and credit cards. >> don't use the same pass word for bank as you do retail shopping and e-mail. >> more advice, use long pass words, song lyrics and numbers, even mixing languages, use two-step awe then indication log-ins. >> i constantly check my credit report. >> she discovered leads to track down her thieves but an overwhelmed police department doesn't have the resources to go after the thieves. nbc news, washington. >> clearly see a perfect clear shadow of me. six more weeks of winter it shall be. >> you heard it there. six more weeks of winter according to everyone's favorite groundhog.
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saw his shadow. he became a national celebrity thanks to the 1993 movie, groundhog day. >> do you have a headache? >> what does he really know? i feel like we've been negative on punxsutawney phil this morning and for good reason. he's been wrong a lot. >> he's been wrong a lot. this morning before phil came out of his little hole we were talking about the overcast skies and passing snow showers and he sees his shadow again because there's so many cameras around. >> same thing, saw his shadow also? >> what does potomac phil know. >> i know more than the groundhogs, i hope so. groundhog today, usually today this movie plays over and over on tv and it's a fantastic movie. you've got to see it. the first headline here, phil
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much to us. our temperatures locally are going to be going down. so cooler air moving in for the weekend feeling more like winter and this weekend also, super bowl sunday it is going to be feeling like football weather. seasonable for this time of year. we're talking about the mid-40s and our shower chance we've beel now. shouldn't be an issue, 46 in the district. 43 in quantico. temperatures will be getting near 50 and winds will pick up today too, it's already getting a little breezy but your exercise forecast looking dry. by noon about the mid-40s staying breezy and dry out there especially if you are maybe doing a late evening run. not too bad. here's a look at the satellite. a lot of clouds around, you might see a little break in the cloud cover with some sunshine. not much though today. we go into this afternoon and we stay breezy and dry, colder overnight, morning temperatures tomorrow will be in the 20s by tomorrow te
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colder than today, around the low 40s but saturday we're looking at upper 30s. then we go into sunday and there's that chance we've been talking about. it's getting a lot smaller, mainly dry for sunday. a closer look for that with the ten-day forecast coming up. a popular trail that provides -- that provides great access in the great falls overlook area is being shut down this month. we're going to tell you why and for how long. >> hillary clinton was treated more like a rock star than a failed presidential candidate. a look at what's next for clinton whose public
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>> after taking time away from the public eye following the election, hillary clinton appears ready to return to the spotlight. >> she has plans for a new book and series of speeches where we can get her first extended reaction to one of the most intense and hard fought elections in modern history. peter alexander reports. >> the audience chanting her name before it's showed late wednesday and many waiting to catch a glimpse as she left with bill clinton taking selfies with fans. aside from the inauguration, she intended to be her own, we've seen very little of clinton since h
11:31 am
for weeks these have been our only glimpses of her, snapping a photo during a hike in the woods. those chance encounters even inspiring their own snl can sketch. >> a search for the most elusive of all, hillary rodham clinton. >> a new book inspired by her favorite quotes all touching on her stunning defeat. clinton writing these quotes have helped me celebrate the good times, laugh at the absurd times and per severe during the hard times and deepen my appreciation of all life has to offer. her reemerge ens will include a series of speeches on women's rights and gay rights beginning this spring. another that will bring her full circle. nearly 50 years after the 1969 commencement speech that cat putted her to national fame. >> we don't have time for it you, not. >> slated to address the alma mater a
11:32 am
speaker once again. what will this more measured return to the spotlight mean to the supporters. >> it will not satisfy a lot of democrats. they want to see her yelling and screaming, saying the election was stolen from us. i do not expect her to do that. >> reporter: clinton hasn't been silent, posting critical tweets about her formal rival, now president trump, writing this is not who we are after the temporary u.s. travel ban on seven largely muslim countries. still clinton hasn't been nearly as fierce as her attacks during the campaign. >> she wants to be avoice in criticism of the trump administration but we don't know exactly where and how yet. >> that was peter alexander reporting there. there's a big question whether tre betsy devos is in danger of not being confirmed. it would make it a 50/50 tie and if it stays that way vice president pence would
11:33 am
if one more republican votes no, shell not be confirmed. he won't be able to use the c and o trail near the potomac, it will be closed until june so park officials can repair a pedestrian bridge. that trail provides access to the great falls overlook. you can still see the falls on the virginia side of the potomac river. >> in news 4 your health. there's new hope for couples struggling to get pregnant. the ela helps doctors get the timing right and it's showing promising results. kristen dahlgren has the details. >> reporter: every time jessica looks into these big blue eyes, she can't believe it. there was a time she shout she would never be a mom. >> never going to have the only thing i always imagined i would be. >> reporter: on paper everything looked great. >> everyone kept telling us you're perfe
11:34 am
happen. >> reporter: four failed treatment cycles, she and husband todd lost hope and almost $100,000. >> seeing her get hurt every single time. didn't want to go through it again. >> reporter: that's when the doctor told them about a new test, an end meet treeal analysis, era, that determines the best time to transfer an embryo into a women's unite russ. >> is the goal is to focus on each woman's window of implantation to maximize the chance for any embryo to stick. >> doctors say the test isn't for everyone but can help enough up to 20% having frozen embryo transfers. each test can add up to $2,000 to the cost of an ivf cycle. jessica's test showed they were transferred her embryos 24 hours too late so doctors suggested that and got not just one
11:35 am
twins, t.j. and parker, thanks to a new test with perfect timing, the fras carrellies have their perfect family. >> the missing piece of the puzzle has come together. i'm living my dream. >> kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> let's look outside right now. temperatures are inching up under cloudy skies out there as you look at the washington monument. prepare yourself for a big dip. theold snap that's head ced creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name.
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golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name.
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we've been telling you about some ways local moms are making extra money. did you know you can cash in on social media, turn it into a business. news 4's amy cho talked to a northern virginia woman who -- >> i tell everybody i meet to start a blog.
11:38 am
sharing her story six years ago and runs housewives in the city, 35 bloggers around the country. she realized it could be a way to support her family. >> there's so many opportunities to work with businesses and the community. they are looking for that target demographic of moms. >> reporter: some of the ways to turn content into cash, getting businesses to sponsor posts about products and giving sponsored giveaways for readers and holding special events. >> i felt like i wasn't struggles and new mom and new job and new mortgage. so it all came at the right time. >> one of the things about blogging, you have to spend money to make money before you can attract advertisers, you have to buy advertising of your own to increase your viewership. >> i put a lot of money back in the marketing and really want to build this business and make it such as successful as i c
11:39 am
back in the company. >> it's the right type of work for her. amy cho, news 4. we've been telling you different ways moms in the area are making extra cash from home. check out the rest of the stories on the nbc washington app and search moms and making money. >> hope my wife is listening. >> she's home with multiple children right now. >> she is, she's doing just fine. just kidding. time at 11:39, let's turn to sheena. it's groundhog day. >> it is groundhog day. >> it's not -- it's not plural. i keep getting corrected because i keep saying groundhog. but it's called groundhog day. groundhog day. phil saw his shadow, ran back in the hole and says there's going to be six more weeks of winter. we don't listen to phil that often. it was overcast too,do
11:40 am
lights from the cameras, anyways, here's it's overcast, 46 degrees, could see the sun peeking through for a time here and there but we have a lot of clouds around, feels like 41 right now, getting breezy and wind should be keeping temperatures in about the mid to upper 40s as we go through the afternoon. 43 in quantico and 43 in gaithersburg. normal highs, 44 degrees. today 49 for a high. tomorrow a little cooler, 43. by saturday we drop in the upper 30s, feeling more like winter. saturday is going to be sunny though. a dry cold day, cold start to your weekend. but by sunday we're looking at the mid-40s and much smaller chance of showers that we have been talking about. those chances look much less. here's the satellite image, we have a lot of clouds around, they will stick with us for today. future weather showing dry conditions and not expecting to bring the rain but increasing wind today.
11:41 am
especially in the morning. morning lows in the 20s, then we go into saturday and stay cold but dry. by sunday, there's that weather system we've been telling you about, doesn't move in. the rain and snow chances much lower, it's looking mainly dry. here's a look at the super bowl planner if you have to plan for it. 45 degrees, kickoff 43 degrees and by 10:30 at night, temperatures close to 40 degrees. for today, upper 40s, mostly cloudy and there you see going into the weekend we pretty much stay dry and colder and we'll be lowering that chance for sunday too. next week we're warmer with showers. >> thank you very much. super bowl snacks are a big part of the big game of course, the soup you may want to add to your sunday menu. >> next four years i'll be playing at -- >> and signing at the local school, how the
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welcome back at 11:44. roger goodell says the number of player concussions were down this season. that's a positive note leading into super bowl weekend. the new england patriots will take on the atlanta falcons on sunday in houston. both teams quarterbacks say this is the game they worked so hard t to get to. >> all of the efforts has come down to this. >> this is about our time and their team and what we're going do
11:45 am
>> tom brady, face of super bowl. the former president tweeted this out saying, quote, getting fired up for sunday and #super bowl li, both in their 90s spent time in a houston hospital last month. >> when you watch the super bowl you'll need something to eat, maybe something to drink. google has released the top searched super bowl snacks by state. >> in d.c. italian meat balls top the list. i'm agree with that and buffalo chicken dip and chickpea soup. never heard of this and feel it should be banned. it seems very odd but leads well into the next segment, ang gee goss has more on how to have a super sunday. >> how about making sunday a super sunday, whether you're sitting down to watch the big game or just want something more, we're expecting winter weather, jeff johnson is here
11:46 am
it's so great to have you join us. >> thank you very much for having me. >> your deli known for the famous barbecue but you also make all of your own soups. >> that's correct, we are a seasonal business but that means we also business for all seasons. so we mostly cater for in house with our soups because it's a golf course but we have decided to expand that, soups for the soul, where we have a variety of soups available, fresh every week and it rotates with chicken noodle probably being the main soup of all weeks but we will do broccoli cheese, we'll do beef vegetable, we'll do chowder. all kinds of soups and all home made fresh. >> what do you have for us today. when you hear about the super bowl bashes and a lot of hearty and heavy but soup is a great option. >> we're making a chicken tortilla soup. basically, we start off with a basic chicken
11:47 am
the chicken, make a home stock, from that we add just some nice chicken, fresh cilantro, fresh chopped vegetables, a little cumin and chili powder and salt and pepper and corn meal as a thickening agent. it has a little consistency to it, makes it really nice. >> chicken broth is so light. >> correct. >> it's not that hearty type of cream base that you're using. >> exactly. >> what's interesting is that you take the soup and you make that as like maybe your main dish but you also have a little fun with it. what do we have right around here? >> we have basically a soup bar. we have fresh grated cheeses. sour cream. >> please do. >> fresh jalapenos and lime, lime is very important to have, that nice n
11:48 am
taste. and i love how messy it looks. a good soup should look messy i feel like. you've got to throw it all together. >> it should be. >> and that makes it look like it's -- >> add cheese to it. >> got to have cheese. >> a little sour cream. just a dash. >> sour cream is delicious. >> and it mellows because it is a little spicy and kind of a spin of a chil li, it's fun. it's not the heavy chiles most have at the super bowl party but we have a standard fare for super bowl as well, pork barbecue sliders and smoked wings, lightly smoke them then flash fry them to make them nice and crispy. >> you say using a broth, that's key to making a good soup. >> a good broth, there are good store bought broths available but making it on your own is -- there's nothing like it. you know what's in it, know the salt and freshne
11:49 am
vegetables and chicken that you're using and just cook it and make a bunch and you can take it and freeze it and just make little batches as you go. it's so simple. >> this is so delicious. i'm being rude. the crunch on the top, you have to have the tortilla chips and what would you say would pair well with the soup? should this be the main attraction? >> all of this, this is perfect. you see a lot of people do chili, this is a nice spin on it. much healthier and lighter. you can sit there and have a bowl and enjoy the game, come back and get a little more. you won't feel bloated or full. you can still have room to enjoy the barbecue sandwich or wings or salsa and chips. >> you don't feel bloated on super bowl sunday, you're eating wrong. >> real quick, i want to give you a shout-out, jj deli, 20 years you are celebrating. >> vero
11:50 am
very hard keeping business in the family and in the community and that's key. >> you're keeping us full and getting us ready for super bowl with great soups for our soul. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> go falcons. >> had to get it in. >> back to you. >> making me angry. 16 years at the school in firefighter washington had a bright future, now they are all on the way to play college ball on scholarships, full rides, carol maloney shares their special story. >> reporter: national signing day, a moment a lifetime in the making. >> let everybody know -- >> reporter: so unexpected at national christian academy, some couldn't hide their emotions. >> it's breath taking, you have to sit back
11:51 am
hard work and times they cried on the field or times they came up on excuses on why they can't be out on the field and still came it's all for this moment now. >> this school didn't even have a football program a few years ago. now, all six seniors getting a full ride. >> first national signing day celebration that we've ever had. yeah, that's a great thing. so it's been a blessing. those kids all have stories to tell and how far they've come to get here. >> for the next four years i'll be playing at bowie state university. >> how did it change? you went from not getting in the game to now having eight scholarship offers? >> well, it's all hard work and dedication, really all summer i just believed. i put in my mindset, i'm going to go to college. >> congrats to them. how cool is that? >> very ol
11:52 am
>> we have important information coming up on an adoption fair for want to be parents. >> that's right and look ahead to next week's warm-up in are you getting this? these numbers are off the charts... sir! what's the status?
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make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. she loves art and wishes for a big family complete with cats but she's not sold yet on the idea of having a dog. news 4's barb ra harrison introduces us to 12-year-old libby. >> i hear you l
11:55 am
take off your coat. >> reporter: lizzy is 12 years old and wants to be an artist some day. we met a d.c. art center for a lesson. >> hi. >> hi. >> good to see you. how are you? >> reporter: painting and drawing instructor loretta thompson was waiting for us in one of the classrooms and already had a project for liz zi. >> you like water color? >> yeah. >> lizzy jump right in. >> i'm going to do a hamburger. >> reporter: those who know her like the social worker says lizzy loves creating things. >> go into her bedroom, posters on the wall of things she's creat created, loves legos and has a creative touch. >> what grade are you in? >> serveth. >> do you like school? >> uh-huh. >> what's your favorite subject? >> art. >> as she continued to pain
11:56 am
hamburger we could see her creativity in every brush stroke. art is not the only possibility. >> last time she was intded in the medical field nursing or something like that. as a child in the foster care system, lizzy had to move around a lot and hoping to find an adoptive family soon. >> tell me would you like a big family or like to be the only one? >> i want a big family. >> reporter: brothers and sisters? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: older and younger? >> cats. >> reporter: how about dogs? maybe. >> she would do best with a family that's patient and understanding and attentive to her needs. she needs a home with a family that will celebrate and encourage her creativity. >> if you find the perfect family, what are you going to bring to that family. >> joy! >> there's no doubt she will. barbara harrison,ws
11:57 am
wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and heart for lizzy or another child waiting, please call our special adoption hot line, 1-88-to-adopt-me. march 11th, the washington area council of government will hold an expo to learn about adoption if you are thinking about it. don't even get me started. best thing ever. >> love that. final check on the weather and sheena is here to tell us about this great day. >> we will stay dry. temperatures near 50 degrees in some spots. that's with a breezy west wind. expect that today but the clouds are going to stay locked in. we can see a few peeks ever sunshine here and there but overall a mostly cloudy day. tomorrow is going to be dry and clouds will stick around, 43 for a high temperature. after morning temperatures in the 20s, tomorrow morning is going to be colder, keep that in mind and a cold start to the weekend with morning lows in the mid-20s, sunny and very small ha
11:58 am
>> sheena, thank you very much. thas all for newst'
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> hold on to your lemonade because queen b says we have been blessed two times over. that means, twins, ladies and gentlemen. >>. ♪ oh, the double babies put your hands up ♪ >> oh, wild news yesterday. the internet was broken. everybody surprised to find out that beyonce adding twins to her beehive. >> i think her announcement broke selena gomez' world record for the most liked instagram photo. 8 million likes in less than 24 hours. the first ever instagram post to do so. today she


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